Collection: Chunky Monkey LED Whip Single

It is here!!  Gorilla Whips is excited to introduce The Chunky Monkey LED Whip.  The Chunky Monkey is Gorilla Whips newest, thickest and the world's strongest, most advanced, and brightest LED whip available for off-road vehicles. The Chunky Monkey is 2" in diameter and is constructed using an ultra-strong resin epoxy tube and reinforced metal base. The Chunky Monkey LED Whip integrates the mount into the whip.  Slide the whip into the mount base and you are ready to roll! The Chunky Monkey LED Whip uses the world's best and most addressable 3 pin/wire LEDs, which is why it's the brightest LED whip in the world. 
Chunky Monkey LED Whip Single
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