Collection: LED Whip & Rock Light Parts

These are parts for LED whips and rock lights. When purchasing your led whips or rock lights initially, make sure you know what's included. One initial purchases, you are given the option of mounts, controllers and rocker switches. These parts are available to purchase independently for replacements or for customized lighting purposes.  

If you are looking for a replacement LED controller, make sure you choose either 3 pin or 4 pin to match the number of pins inside your cable connectors. Any 3 pin controller will work with 3 pin cabling, and 4 pin controller for 4 pin connectors.  


LED Whip & Rock Light Parts
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    Choose the best LED whip style for you with our LED Whip comparison chart. This comparison chart is easy to read and will help you know the differences in each style of Gorilla Whips LED Whips.

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