Warranty & Returns

We stand by our products and are confident you will love them! We guarantee your satisfaction! If you're not satisfied, you may exchange or return unused merchandise purchased on GorillaWhips.com for a full refund, less the original shipping charges and 15% restocking fees, within 30 days of the purchase date. You are responsible for the shipping charges.
If you purchased your Gorilla Whips product through an Authorized Dealer, please follow their return policy for refunds.  If you do not have any luck there, let us help you out!  For up to 30 days, and with proof of purchase, gift receipt or a packing slip from a Gorilla Whips Authorized Retailer, you may exchange an unopened Gorilla Whips product for store credit (only valid on GorillaWhips.com). You will just have to cover shipping.   
Gorilla Whips Offers Lifetime Non Transferrable Warranty Coverage On LED Products. 
If your Gorilla Whips just quit working for no reason, then it may be a manufacturer defect.  Simply submit a claim on the form below, send pictures of all sides of the product, send the product back for a warranty inspection  (if asked to do so, however we try not to), and tell us what happened. Customers are responsible for all warranty shipping costs, no exceptions. 
Note: Altering the item voids the manufacturer defect warranty. Altering includes, but is not limited to, cutting wires on the controller, cutting the whips to be shorter, rewiring original wiring setup, mounting on a different holder, changing the pin configuration, or running an oversized flag etc.  Any signs of gouges, stress marks or impact scratches on the led tubes will void its manufacturer defect warranty. Submerging your whip voids its manufacturer defect warranty.  Our whips are water resistant and do great in a rugged environment, but for those that get really crazy, full submersion in lakes, ponds, rivers, swamps, or anything else voids the manufacturer defect warranty. Improper installation or running an over-sized flag will also void its warrantyCustomizing and/or reprogramming your Xtreme Silver LED Whip remote voids the remote warranty. If you begin programming the remote to do certain effects and you break it, this voids the manufacturer defect warranty. 
Gorilla Whips LED Whips can handle up to 12"x18" flags with our Heavy Duty Springs. Damage caused related to running larger 2'x3' or 3'x5' flags will be considered "customer caused", and are warrantied as described below.  
Breaks & Other Issues Caused By The Customer + 50% Off Upgrades For Life 

Gorilla Whips now offers coverage for broken whips or wear and tear caused by our customers. If you break your whip in a crash, hit a tree branch, or cause any other damage to the whip and/or parts, Gorilla Whips will replace the whip with a BRAND NEW WHIP (not repaired or refurbished), or other parts, for 50% of the retail price of the whip (without the cost of mounts, cables etc), plus shipping. Just submit a claim, send the product back (if we ask you to), pay the 50% + shipping, and we'll ship the brand new item to you quickly. ANOTHER HUGE BENEFIT of this warranty is that once you're a Gorilla Whips customer, you'll never pay retail for those LED whips again. Meaning: If you break your whips, you can use this warranty to upgrade to our latest and greatest model for 50% off.   

Manufacturer Defect Warranty Coverage on Discontinued Whips

Gorilla Whips continuously works to improve our products. New LED Whip lines offer more innovative, brighter, and durable whips. If your LED Whip has been discontinued and is no longer available, Gorilla Whips will upgrade you to the newer version of your whip. If a newer version is not available, Gorilla Whips will upgrade your LED whip by one model. If your LED whip is no longer available and a set of whips is required for replacement, Gorilla Whips will discount your 2nd whip by 50% in order to have a matching pair. 

Products NOT covered under any warranty, for any reason: Fiberglass whip rods/poles, flags, metals, and LED controllers.
Please allow 5 business days for us to process your claim. Please e-mail any questions at service@gorillawhips.com