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Gorilla Whips LED Whips products are unlike anything else on the market. Each LED light whip features excellent durability for off-road use, and the brightest color changing LEDs available.

Gorilla Whips currently offers 6 styles of LED whip lights: 

Chunky Monkey LED Whips (NEW 2023) - Elite HD LED Whip - Twisted Silver LED Whips - Silver Xtreme LED Whips - Xtreme Elite LED Whips (NEW 2023)Xtreme LED Whips

The Elite HD LED Whips are the world's strongest, brightest and most advanced LED light whips for off-road vehicles. Not only do they use the best LEDs available, but they also have the tightest twists with no gaps, giving them most LEDs per square foot of any other whips. The Elite HD LED Whips are constructed from extremely strong resin and reinforced metal base, making them very difficult to break. Gorilla Whips LED Lighted Whips are perfect for off-road use on UTVs, ATVs, RZRs, Dune Buggy, Sand Rails, Jeeps, industrial equipment, and everything-between.

Gorilla Whips Lifetime Warranty Guarantee

#1 - Lifetime Manufacturer Defect Warranty - We stand behind our product!

#2 - 50% Off BRAND NEW LED Whip Replacement Warranty Coverage On Customer Caused Damage.

Flags, flag clamps, springs, day whips, etc. are sold separately. You can find those with the corresponding LED whips category or in the LED Whips Parts section. 

LED Whips
  • Individually Addressable RGB 3 Pin/Wire

    Individually addressable RGB LEDs are 3 pin/wire and have the ability to color change, chase, waterfall, flame and other patterns, and each LED can be a different color. They are very bright, and use more power than standard RGB.

  • Standard RGB 4 Pin/Wire

    Standard RGB LEDs are 4 pin/wire and can change colors, though every LED will be the same color at the same time. The LEDs are very bright and use much less power than addressable LEDs.

LED Whip Lights Products