• LED Whip Spring

    LED Whip Springs

    Heavy Duty LED Whip Springs are recommended for your LED Whips. They protect your LED whips from accidental damage from trees, garage door openings, and high speed drag from flags. These springs come in either stainless or black.

    Heavy Duty LED Whip Spring  
  • LED Whip Grommet Flags

    Grommet Flags For LED Whips

    Gorilla Whips offers a large selection of grommet flags to run with your LED Whips. Our USA made grommet flags are double layered, triple stitched with UV resistant material and are the highest quality flag on the market.

    Flags For LED Whips  
  • Twisted Silver LED Whips, Rock Lights, Underglow Full Vehicle Lighting Package

    Twisted Silver Full Vehicle Lighting Package

    Save 15% on Rock Lights and/or Underglow Kits with the purchase of your LED Whips by ordering a Full Vehicle Lighting Package. Choose which additional lights you want that will automatically sync with your LED Whip patterns upon installation.

    Save On Full Vehicle Lighting Packages